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Instructions for Posting Solutions on the Core Measure Solution Exchange

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Instructions for Posting Solutions

1. Directly access the Core Measure Solution Exchange ( or navigate to the Exchange from your Joint Commission Connect (Extranet) home page. Please enter the same login and password you use to access the Joint Commission Extranet site.


Or, from your Extranet home page, just click the link for the Core Measure Solution Exchange under Resources and Tools.

2. You are now on the Solution Exchange home page.


3. Click the button in the middle of the page to "Post a New Solution", and select the organization associated with the solution that is being posted. If this is your first time posting, select “Add New Organization” from the drop-down menu.


4. Complete the demographic information for your organization. Required fields (marked with **) must be completed prior to moving to the next step.


5. Once completed, click the “Next Step” button.


6. You will see a summary of the information about your organization that you just entered. You will be able to change this organization information during the next step. Please click on “Post Solution” to continue.


7. Please create a brief title for your solution. When other users search the website, this title will be used as the hyperlink to your solution. After creating your title, choose the measure from the drop-down menu that is the primary focus of this solution (you can add other measures later). Enter all pertinent information related to the solution in the appropriate text boxes.


8. After you have described your solution by filling in the text boxes, you will need to save your work. If you would like to save the solution (as a draft) without posting it to the database please select “Draft” and click on “Save Draft Solution.” You can return to the solution to make changes at any time. Solutions that are saved as “Drafts” will not be searchable or viewable to other organizations. If you have finished entering all information related to the solution and you are ready to post this solution to the database, please select “Finished” and click on “Post Finished Solution.” Like draft solutions, you can always return to a finished solution to make changes.

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9. Solutions saved as Drafts — If your solution was saved as a Draft, it will appear with a “DRAFT” watermark in the background. To make changes to the draft, please select “Update Solution.”


10. At any time, you can update or attach supporting documents that aid in the description or explanation of the solution. These documents will be viewable to all organizations.


11. Choose the file(s) you want to upload and click “Submit”. You can ignore the “Options” checkboxes, as your uploaded documents will be automatically appended to a table at the bottom of the solution.


12. Once changes and edits are completed, please select “Finished” at the bottom of the screen and click on “Save.” This will make your solution available to other users.


13. If you log out of the system and return to work on a draft solution, you will see a link to your solution on the home page. All of your posted solutions can be viewed and accessed under “My Solutions.” Click on the link for your solution and then select “Update Solution” to edit or make changes. Once changes and edits are completed, please select “Finished” and “Save.” Remember, your solution will not be available to others until you have marked it as “finished.”


14. Once your solution has been marked “finished”, organizations will have the ability to search for your solution, rate your solution and submit comments.

Rating Solutions

1. Once you have selected a Solution to view, you have the ability to rate the solution. Hovering over the ‘stars' to display the scale definition.


2. When you have decided on your rating, and clicked on the star rating you would like to assign, the stars will turn from gold to burgundy. Click ‘Save rating' to save your rating. The system allows one rating per user (per solution), but you can change your rating at any time.


Get Notified When New Content Is Posted

7. The Home Page also contains a “Notify Me!” function. This function allows you to subscribe to an e-mail notification system which will send you a message any time a solution has been added or posted. You can limit your notifications to a specific measure by selecting the Measure name from the drop-down menu. Repeat this process to select multiple measures.


Have suggestions?

20. If there are any improvements related to the Solutions Exchange that you would like to see, please visit our “Suggestion Box” on the Home page.

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