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Value of Accreditation and Certification Literature Database

This database is the product of a two-year effort to identify and review thousands of peer-reviewed research articles and other publications that address the value of accreditation, certification and the impact of other Joint Commission initiatives. The initial collection of articles included in the database was identified through a scoping literature review conducted in 2016. During that initial review, a total of 11,004 titles and abstracts were screened, 588 full-text sources were reviewed and 171 sources were summarized and included in this database. While the 2016 review identified 171 articles, new publications are regularly added to the database. New articles are typically identified through an annual literature search, although they may also be added intermittently, as they are identified and reviewed by the research team.
The scoping review process was conducted by three reviewers who screened all titles and abstracts and made independent recommendations for inclusion and exclusion. Upon completion of the title and abstract screening, the independent review and consensus process was repeated for the second stage review of full text of articles which passed the initial screen.

The review was designed to identify literature that addressed any of the following research questions:
  1. Do accredited / certified organizations have a greater rate of improvement or more sustained improvement than the non-accredited / certified organizations? (RQ1)
  2. Do Joint Commission-accredited / certified organizations perform better (have better structures, processes and outcomes) than non-accredited / certified organizations? (RQ2)
  3. What is the impact of Joint Commission accreditation and certification processes, specific standards, performance measures and or other products or initiatives on accredited and certified organizations? (RQ3)

Articles that were focused on exclusively non-Joint Commission accreditation and certification (domestic or international), and articles that were published in non-peer reviewed publications were excluded from the study.

The summary of each publication included in the database represents the research team's consensus opinion of:
  • The Purpose of the publication (as it pertains to accreditation, certification or the impact of Joint Commission initiatives),
  • Study Design and Methods (if applicable),
  • Findings (primarily focused on findings that are most directly related to research questions related to accreditation, certification or the impact of Joint Commission activities).
  • The research team also made an effort to categorically characterize the results/conclusions of each publication with respect to the Impact of accreditation or certification. Each publication was categorized as either positive (the publication reports benefits associated with accreditation or certification), negative (accreditation or certification was associated with unfavorable performance), neutral (accreditation or certification were unrelated to, or had no influence, on performance), mixed (the publication reports some mix of positive/neutral/negative results), or UTD (unable to determine or not applicable -- which generally indicated that the article focused on some aspect of accreditation or certification but was not designed to assess impact or value). Publications with the UTD/NA impact assessment are not included in this database.
There are currently 189 published articles on this site which include an Impact determination summarizing their results (i.e., "Positive", "Neutral", "Mixed", "Negative").* We encourage visitors to the site to review article summaries and use links (when available) to read the original articles. At this time, the results from the published literature overwhelmingly support the value of accreditation:
  • Positive = 152 (80.4%)
  • Neutral = 23 (12.2%)
  • Mixed = 9 (4.8%)
  • Negative = 5 (2.6%)

* Please note that an additional 15 articles on the site do not have an Impact determination, but they are listed as “Unable to Determine or Not Applicable” (i.e., “UTD”). These published articles describe some aspect of Joint Commission influence or impact, but they were not research studies that provided a statistical assessment of impact.

The articles described in this database were identified through a scoping literature review performed by researchers at The Joint Commission in 2016, and through annual follow-up reviews. While the research team took reasonable efforts to ensure that the review was comprehensive, The Joint Commission makes no claim about the completeness of the review, nor does it imply that the articles listed in this database are the only studies addressing accreditation or certification. The summaries of each article are focused on aspects of each study that are related to accreditation, certification or the impact of Joint Commission initiatives, and they are not intended to completely describe all aspects of each study. The categorization of the results/conclusions represent the consensus opinion of the research team. As such, they constitute a good faith effort to interpret a study's findings with respect to specific research questions that are related to accreditation, certification or other Joint Commission activities. The Joint Commission does not endorse any particular article, and users are encouraged to review the original articles referenced in this database and to draw their own conclusions about each article. The description of articles provided in this database is made available as a resource only. The Joint Commission makes no representations, and accepts no responsibility or liability, with regard to the use of information provided in this database.

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