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Question: Numerator Statement

For Do Not Return data submission for health care staffing firms, is the numerator the total number of placements excluding DNRs or is it only the number of DNRs?

For example, if there are 3 per diem clinical placements in the reporting month and 1 of those is listed as a DNR, is my numerator going to be 1 because there's only 1 DNR placement or will it be 2 because that's the total number of placements with the DNR removed?

Second question - as a healthcare staffing agency, we don't always get notified when someone is listed as a DNR at a facility until we try and submit them again to the same facility. Should we just be reporting on the information and DNRs that we are aware of even though there could be more within the reporting period that we are not made aware of?


The numerator is: Per diem clinical placements without a DNR from the customer that the individual should not return to duty or be assigned again in the future, i.e., the clinical employee/worker had 0 (zero) DNRs for the reporting month.

If there are 3 clinical placements for the reporting month and only 1 employee had a DNR during the reporting month, then the numerator is 2 and the denominator is 3.

Information available to you at the time of data submission for the reporting month should be used to determine the number of employees that had a DNR for the reporting month. DNRs reported at a later date should be counted in the month reported and they employee included in the denominator even if the assignment / hours had been actually worked in an earlier reporting month.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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