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Question: TOB2A Tobacco Use Status Value = 5 version 2020b

In version 2020b effective with July 1, 2020 the measure information form and algorithm for TOB2 was modified as noted in your release notes: “The algorithm is being updated to account for cases in which the patient was not screened for Tobacco Use within the past 30 days prior to the day of hospital admission. This was previously captured in TOB-1 which was retired 12/31/18. Cases were previously excluded from TOB-2 because they did not pass TOB-1. These cases will no longer be excluded and therefore will not pass TOB-2.”

If an encounter is in the D bucket at the end of TOB-2 because the Tobacco Use Status is equal to 5 it then flows into TOB-2a.

In TOB2a an encounter in the D bucket needs a response to Tobacco Use Treatment Practical Counseling. When that response is 1, the encounter will then flow to the decision point for Tobacco Use Status, but there is no indication of what action should occur at that decision point when the Tobacco Use Status is 5.

Can you please clarify this for us? We’re going to send software changes out to our beta testers in the next couple of weeks and we know that everyone is stressed by the Covid-19 virus, but we would really appreciate a quick response so that we can support our mutual clients with the best possible information.

Thank you


Hello, Thanks you for bring this issue to our attention! The clinic intention for "Tobacco Use Status is equal to 5" is just for TUB-2 not for TOB-2a. Since all the cases continue to flow down to TOB-2a, those cases are lost in the TOB-2a, it will not effect the result either TOB-2 or TOB-2a, but it does need to be corrected for the TOB-2a algorithm. We will do the correction. Thanks!

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