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Question: Arrival time Abstraction.

There is no EMS report for this encounter

In the EMR is a report called ED Patient Care Timeline

ED Nursing has documented of an NIH score 12/15 @ 1718

There is then an entry in ED patient care timeline 12/15 @ 1849 titled "Emergency encounter created".

Arrival time is documented in ED @ 1850

Pt goes to IR suite for thrombectomy with TICI 3 reperfusion time 12/15 @ 2029.

Can the ED Nursing NIH score @ 1718 be considered an obvious error because as there is no other documentation to support an arrival time of 12/15 @ 1718 and because of the "emergency encounter created" entry after this documentation?

Or should I look at all ED documentation and consider the 12/15 @ 1718 NIH entry as earliest ED documentation and therefore the arrival time?

Thank you


Jennifer, When looking at the record, if the ED nursing NIHSS Score time documented appears to be an obvious error, this time should not be abstracted

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
Related documents: CSTK-11, Arrival Time,
Manual: Recent Past Manual (previous data collection period; data currently scheduled for transmission)

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