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Release Notes:
Measure Information Form
Version 2010A1

Screening and Treating Tobacco and Alcohol Use (TAM)

Set Measures

Set Measure ID Measure Short Name
TAM-01 Tobacco Use Assessment
TAM-02 Tobacco Use Treatment
TAM-03 Tobacco Use Treatment Management at Discharge
TAM-04 Tobacco Use: Assessing Status after Discharge
TAM-05 Alcohol Use Screening
TAM-06 Alcohol Use Brief Intervention
TAM-07 Alcohol & Other Drug Dependence-Treatment Management at Discharge
TAM-08 Substance Use (Alcohol & Drug Use): Assessing Status After Discharge

General Data Elements

Element Name Collected For
Admission Date All Records,
Birthdate All Records,
Discharge Date All Records, (used in algorithm for AMI-1, AMI-6, PN-1, PN-3a, PN-3b, PN-5, PN-5b, PN-5c, PN-6, PN-6a, PN-6b, PN-7, PR-2, SCIP-Inf-4, SCIP-VTE-1, SCIP-VTE-2)
Discharge Status All Records, Not collected for HBIPS-2 and HBIPS-3; Used in algorithm for PC-04 and PC-05
ICD-9-CM Other Diagnosis Codes All Records, Optional for HBIPS-2 and HBIPS-3; Used in algorithm for PC-01, 02, 04, and 05
ICD-9-CM Principal Diagnosis Code All Records, Optional for HBIPS-2 and HBIPS-3; Used in algorithm for PC-01, 02, 04, and 05
Unique Blinded Case Identifier All Records, All Records (Used in transmission of anonymous patient-level data to the Joint Commission)

Measure Set Specific Data Elements

Element Name Collected For
Alcohol Use Status TAM-05, TAM-06, TAM-07, TAM-08,
Alcohol or Drug Dependence TAM-07, TAM-08,
Brief Intervention TAM-06,
Cognitive Impairment TAM-01, TAM-02, TAM-03, TAM-05, TAM-06, TAM-07,
Follow-up Contact TAM-04, TAM-08,
Follow-up Contact Date (test data element) TAM-04, TAM-08,
Prescription for Alcohol or Drug Dependence Medication TAM-07,
Prescription for Tobacco Cessation Medication TAM-03,
Reason for No Tobacco Cessation Medication TAM-02, TAM-03,
Referral for Addictions Treatment TAM-07,
Referral for Outpatient Tobacco Cessation Counseling TAM-03,
Substance Use Status Post-Discharge TAM-08,
Tobacco Use Status TAM-01, TAM-02, TAM-03, TAM-04,
Tobacco Use Status Post-Discharge (test data element) TAM-04,
Tobacco Use Treatment TAM-02, TAM-04,
Tobacco Use Treatment FDA-Approved Cessation Medication TAM-02,
Tobacco Use Treatment Practical Counseling TAM-02,

Measure Information Form TAM
Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Core Measures (2010A1)
Discharges 04-01-10 (2Q10) through 09-30-10 (3Q10)