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Release Notes:
Data Element
Version 2010B

Data Element Name: Platelet Event Total Doses
Collected For: BM-04a, BM-04b,
Definition:The total number of platelet doses that were transfused for the associated Platelet Event ID.
Suggested Data Collection Question:How many platelet doses were transfused for the associated platelet event selected for abstraction?
Occurs:1 - 3
Allowable Values:



  • Calculate the total number of doses that were administered (not ordered) for the Platelet Event ID selected for abstraction.
  • If the number of doses ordered for the Platelet Event ID is different from the number of doses administered, select the number of doses administered.
  • Select 11 if more than 10 doses of platelets were administered for the platelet event.
  • Select 12 if unable to determine the number of platelet doses administered for the platelet event.
  • A dose can be either from a single donor (apheresis) or a pooled sample of donors.
Notes for Abstraction:
Suggested Data Sources:
  • Anesthesia record
  • Progress notes
  • Operative notes
  • Blood administration form
  • Blood bank records
Additional Notes:
Guidelines for Abstraction:
Inclusion Exclusion
None None

Platelet Event Total Doses
Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Core Measures (2010B)
Discharges 10-01-10 (4Q10) through 03-31-11 (1Q11)