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Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2016B1)
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Release Notes:
Data Element
Version 2016B1

Data Element Name: Sample
Collected For: All Records, Transmission, Hospital Clinical Data File
Definition:Indicates if the data being transmitted for a hospital has been sampled, or represent an entire population for the specified time period.
Suggested Data Collection Question:Does this case represent part of a sample?
Allowable Values:

Y    (Yes)   The data represents part of a sample.

N   (No)   The data is not part of a sample; this indicates the hospital is performing 100 percent of the discharges eligible for this topic.

Notes for Abstraction:When Sampling Frequency equals '3' (No, the hospital is not sampling) or '4' (N/A, submission of patient level data is not required), then abstract Sample as "No".
Suggested Data Sources:

Not Applicable
Additional Notes:
Guidelines for Abstraction:
Inclusion Exclusion
  • None
  • None

Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2016B1)
Discharges 01-01-17 (1Q17) through 06-30-17 (2Q17)