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Release Notes:
Data Element
Version 2014A1

Data Element Name: Parity
Collected For: PC-02,
Definition:The number of live deliveries the patient experienced prior to current hospitalization.
Suggested Data Collection Question:How many live deliveries did the patient experience prior to current hospitalization?
Length:2 or UTD
Allowable Values:


UTD=Unable to Determine

Notes for Abstraction:The delivery or operating room record should be reviewed first for parity. If parity is not recorded in the delivery or operating room record, then continue to review the data sources in the following order: history and physical, prenatal forms,clinician admission progress note and discharge summary until a positive finding for parity is found. In cases where there is conflicting data, parity found in the first document according to the order listed above should be used.

If parity entered by the clinician in the first document listed above is obviously incorrect (in error) but it is a valid number and the correct number can be supported with other documentation in the other acceptable data sources in the medical record, the correct number may be entered.

If parity is not documented and GTPAL terminology is documented where G= Gravida, T= Term, P= Preterm, A= Abortions and L= Living, all previous term and preterm deliveries prior to this hospitalization should be added together to determine parity.

If parity is not documented and gravidity is documented as one, parity should be considered zero.

The previous delivery of twins or any multiple gestation is considered one parous event.

Documentation in the acceptable data sources may be written by the following clinicians: physician, certified nurse midwife (CNM), advanced practice nurse/physician assistant (APN/PA) or registered nurse (RN).

It is acceptable to use data derived from vital records reports received from state or local departments of public health if they are available and are directly derived from the medical record with a process in place to confirm their accuracy. If this is the case, these may be used in lieu of the acceptable data sources listed below.

Suggested Data Sources:


  • Delivery room record
  • Operating room record
  • History and physical
  • Prenatal forms
  • Admission clinician progress note
  • Discharge summary
Additional Notes:
Guidelines for Abstraction:
Inclusion Exclusion
The following descriptor must precede the number when determining parity:
  • Parity
  • P
Examples: parity=2 or g3p2a1

A string of three or more numbers without the alpha designation of "p" preceding the second number can not be used to determine parity.
Example: 321

When GTPAL terminology is documented, G= Gravida, T= Term, P= Preterm, A= Abortions, L= Living, P does not equal parity.

Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2014A1)
Discharges 01-01-14 (1Q14) through 12-31-14 (4Q14)