Health Care Staffing Services Measures (v2023A)
Posted: 08/22/2022
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Release Notes:
Data Element
Version 2023A

Name:Reason for Separation
Collected For: HCSS-10, HCSS-11
Definition:Documentation why the employee decided to resign, quit, decline assignment or contract offers, or retire from the firm.
Question:Did the employee give a reason why they decided to leave the firm?
Allowable Values:

1   Desire for permanent employment

2   Too few hours / assignments

3   No work available in desired area

4   Unable to extend contract

5   Medical/family leave

6   Seasonal worker

7   Higher pay / more money

8   Diversity and inclusion

9   Sexual harassment

10   Grievance with firm / management or interpersonal conflict

11   Works multiple agencies

12   Abandonment / abandoned position or assignment without notice

13   Retirement

14   Other reason

15   Not documented, no reason given, OR unable to determine (UTD)
Notes for Abstraction:
  • Select allowable values “1” through “14” that best align with the reason given by the employee.
  • If multiple reasons for leaving are provided, select all applicable allowable values.
    • Therapist X states that they will no longer work for this firm because they feel that Manager X does not assign work equitably. Abstract “8” and “10”.
  • No allowable value should be selected more than once. If a value of "15" is selected, no other selection should be recorded.
Suggested Data Sources:
  • Pesonnel file
Additional Notes:
Guidelines for Abstraction:
Inclusion Exclusion
None None

Reason for Separation
Health Care Staffing Services Measures (v2023A)
Discharges 01-01-2023 (1Q23) through 06-30-2023 (2Q23)