Assisted Living Community Measures (v2023B)
Posted: 02/03/2023
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Data Dictionary Introduction ALC
Version 2023B

Data Dictionary Introduction


This section of the manual describes the data elements that are required for collection for the The Joint Commission's Assisted Living Center (ALC) measures. It includes information necessary for defining and formatting the data elements, as well as the allowable values for each data element.

It is of primary importance that all organizations using the measures gather and utilize the data elements as defined in this section. This will ensure that the data are standardized and comparable across organizations.

Data Element Dictionary Terms

Term Definition
Data Element Name: A short phrase identifying the data element. For each of identification the data element name is italicized.
Collected For: Identifies the measure(s) that utilize this data element or specifies that the data element is used for data processing or verification.
Definition: A detailed explanation of the data element. Data collection software may include this information.
Suggested Data Collection Question: A suggested wording for a data element question in a data abstraction tool.
Format: Length = number of characters or digits allowed for the data element
Type = type of information the data element contains (e.g., numeric, alphanumeric, date, character, or time)
Occurs = the number of times the data element occurs in a single episode of care record
Allowable Values: A list of acceptable responses for this data element
Notes for Abstraction: Provided to assist abstractor in the selection of appropriate value for a data element
Suggested Data Sources: Source document from which data can be identified such as the resident record.
Guidelines for Abstraction: Designed to assist abstractors in determining how a data element should be answered

Alphabetical List of All Data Elements

Data Element Name Collection Notes Associated Measures
Advanced Care Plan/Surrogate Decision Maker   ALC-04
Assisted Living Community Resident   ALC-01, ALC-02
Fall With Transfer to Hospital   ALC-02
New Resident   ALC-03, ALC-04
Number of Direct Care Staff Employed   ALC-05
Number of Direct Care Staff Positions   ALC-05
Number of Positions   ALC-05
Number of Staff Employed   ALC-05
Off-Label Antipsychotic Drug Prescribed   ALC-01
Resident Preferences and Goals of Care   ALC-03

Data Dictionary Introduction ALC
Assisted Living Community Measures (v2023B)
Discharges 07-01-23 (3Q23) through 12-31-2023 (4Q23)