Assisted Living Community Measures (v2023A)
Posted: 09/12/2022
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Release Notes:
Data Element
Version 2023A

Name:New Resident
Collected For: ALC-03, ALC-04
Definition:Number of new residents who moved in during the month being reviewed.
Question:What is the number of new residents at the assisted living community at the end of the month?
Allowable Values:

Number 0-199 or UTD
Notes for Abstraction:
  • Generate a list of new residents who moved into the assisted living community during the month that is being reviewed.
  • Use this list to complete the denominator number of residents who are new to the assisted living community each month.
  • This list will also be the records reviewed for the data element Resident Preferences and Goals of Care that will be the numerator.
Suggested Data Sources:
  • Billing records
  • Move-in logs
Additional Notes:
Guidelines for Abstraction:
Inclusion Exclusion
None None

New Resident
Assisted Living Community Measures (v2023A)
Discharges 01-01-23 (1Q23) through 06-30-23 (2Q23)