Assisted Living Community Measures (v2022B)
Posted: 08/30/2022
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Using The Manual ALC
Version 2022B

Using The Specifications Manual for Joint Commission Assisted Living Community Quality Measures

This portion of The Assisted Living Community (ALC) Specifications Manual provides a brief overview of the information contained within each section of the manual. It is intended for use as a quick reference to assist in the implementation of the Joint Commission ALC quality measures. The sections of this manual are interrelated and are most useful when considered together.

Measures listed in this manual are chart-abstracted measures. Chart abstraction is the review of medical record documentation from the current episode of care for the purposes of data collection and submission. The Joint Commission ORYX performance measure reporting requirements are available on the Joint Commission website under the Measurement tab.

Section 1: Measurement Information

The measure set sections contain specific measure information forms for each measure. This is followed by a data element list for the measures, including the general data elements, algorithm output data elements, and the specific measure data elements. Next is a document that describes the initial patient population and sample size requirements for each measure set. Also included are subsections for each specific measure. These contain a Measure Information Form (MIF) and the Performance Measure Algorithm.

The algorithms and data elements needed to calculate each of the ALC measures are identified in the MIF. Each algorithm provides the logical steps, data element evaluation, arithmetic calculations, and data manipulation steps that are required to calculate a given measure.

Section 2: Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary describes the resident-level and facility-level data elements required to capture and calculate individual measurements. It specifies those data elements that must be collected for each resident that falls into the selected measure population and the data elements needed for a specific measure.

Section 3: Overview of Measure Information Form and Flowchart Formats

The Overview of Measure Information Form and Flowchart Formats explains each of the terms used on the Measure Information Form and provides a brief introduction to flowcharting, including an explanation of flowchart symbols. Each measure and has an associated Measure Information Form and Flowchart (calculation algorithm).

Using The Manual ALC
Assisted Living Community Measures (v2022B)
Discharges 07-01-22 (3Q22) through 12-31-22 (4Q22)