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Question: LDL Measured within first 48 hrs or 30 days prior to hospital arrival

This question is regarding documentation and information/results from a prior admission available electronically.

If a patient had an LDL measured within 30 days prior to arrival, do the results need to be documented in the chart for the current, if the LDL-c results from the prior admission are available to the provider in our EMR?


A LDL-c value is needed to select 'Yes' for "LDL Measured Within the First 48 Hours of 30 Days Prior to Hospital Arrival". A value done within 30 days prior to the hospital arrival and available via the EMR is acceptable; otherwise, the value must be documented in the current medical record. Documentation in the medical record that a LDL-c was done within 30 days prior to hospital arrival without a doucmented value is not acceptable.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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