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Question: STK-6 Data Entry in CMIP for Q1 2010

This is follow up to a prior question: "Is intensive dosing of statin required to meet STK-6?";.

It is my understanding that the measure specifications for STK-6 changed to Dishcarged on Statin Medication as of January 2010. However, the measure name in CMIP is still Discharged on Cholesterol-Reducing Therapy. Which set of data should be entered for Q1 2010 (Jan, Feb, Mar)?


Effective January 1, 2010, all certified PSCs should be collecting data for STK-6 "Discharged on Statin Medication" per the specifications as outlined in the specifications manual, version 3.0c. STK-6 data entered in CMIP for Q1 2010 should be for statin medications only.

Modifications to the CMIP application are currently being made to reflect the STK-6 name change to statins. The deadline for Q1 2010 stroke data submission to the Joint Commission is May 15th.

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