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Question: Reason For Not Administering Antithrombotic By End of Hospital Day 2

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A patient was hospitalized for new onset seizures. A diagnosis of stroke was confirmed on day 3 following brain MRI. The physician documented in the discharge summary that the stroke was not diagnosed until hospital day 3. Can the physician's documentation by used as a "Reason for Not Administering Antithrombotic By End of Hospital Day 2"? The principal diagnosis code assigned at discharge was 434.91.


No. An ICD-9-CM Principal Diagnosis Code of 434.91, "Cerebral Artery Occlusion Unspecified with Cerebral Infarction", is used to identify the stroke measure population. For STK-5: Antithrombotic Therapy Administered By End of Hospital Day 2, it is not necessary to review documentation outside of the 2 day timeframe. Discharge summary is not a "Suggested Data Source" for this measure. Any documentation dated/timed prior to hospital arrival or after hospital day 2 is excluded. Select 'No' for *"Reason for Not Administering Antithrombotic Therapy By End of Hospital Day 2"*.

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