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Question: in 2016, will the vendors still be able to submit STK HCD for STK Certification for our hospitals?

Since all of the chart-abstracted STK measures except STK-4 will be retired from the Core Measure Data collection at the end of 2015, can you please tell us if the STK HCD files for STK-1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 will still be accepted by The Joint Commission for STK Certification? If not, what will our hospitals need to do to send in their STK Certification data? Thanks.


Hospitals that report on the one remaining chart-abstracted Stroke measure, i.e., STK-4, to meet 2016 ORYX reporting requirements can still have data on the eight original Stroke measures submitted through a Joint Commission-listed vendor for purposes of Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Center certification.

Also, hospitals that report on the eSTK measure set to meet 2016 ORYX requirements can still submit chart-abstracted Stroke measure data thorough a Joint Commission-listed vendor for certification.

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