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Question: How does The Joint Commission label specification manual releases?

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How does The Joint Commission label specification manual releases?

Example:<br> 2010A<br> 2010A1<br> 2010B<br> 2010B1<br>

How do I find an old version of the Joint Commission Only specifications manual?

Example: Where is version 2010B located once it has been replaced by 2010B1?


Generally speaking, there are two scheduled releases of a core measure specifications manual each year. The "A" version applies to patients discharged from April 1 - September 30 of that year. The "B" version of the manual covers patients discharged from October 1 - March 31 (of the following calendar year). So, version 2010A applies to data collection for patients that are discharge between April 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010.

Of course, there are frequently situations that require an update or correction to a published manual (e.g., new ICD-9-CM codes are published). In such instances a new release for the manual must be published. The first subsequent release is indicated with a "1" added to the end of the manual version. The next release will have a "2". So Manual version 2010A1 reflects the first update of the 2010A manual.

The most current manual (labeled "Current"), and the next scheduled release of the specifications manual (labeled "Future") are available at:

Since these manuals include all of the latest updates (and release notes explaining the changes from version to version), there is generally no reason to access older versions of a manual. Nevertheless, you can still view the prior releases using a link under the table that lists the Current and Future manual. Click on the link called "Archived specifications manuals." This will provide you with access to the older versions.

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