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Question: IP STK ICD-10 Code Tables

Are the ICD-10 codes from Tables 8.2a, 8.2b, and 8.2c used for grouping patient accounts to the IP STK measures? We know Tables 8.1 and 8.2 are specified, but are not clear on 8.2a, 8.2b, and 8.2c. Thank you for your time.

Donna, Texas Health Resources


Donna, Table 8.2a SAH and 8.2b ICH are sub-sets of all codes listed on Table 8.2 Hemorrhagic Stroke. Since some CSTK measures, e.g., CSTK-06, CSTK-04, only include SAH or ICH patients in the denominator population, these code tables may be helpful when abstracting those measures.

Table 8.2c is NOT used for the CSTK Initial Patient Population. The table is used only for abstraction of "Admitting Diagnosis", a data element collected for CSTK-04.

For more information about the CSTK IPP, please refer to the CSTK List section of the specifications manual.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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Focus area(s): Measure Algorithms – Technical (chart abstracted)
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Manual: Current Manual (current data collection period; prior to data transmission)

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