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Question: Definition of validated and non-validated screening tool for substance use

I'd like to know the definition of a validated and non-validated screening tool for substance use. Please give examples of each.


A validated screening questionnaire is an instrument that has been psychometrically tested for reliability (the ability of the intstrument to produce consistent results), validity (the ability of the instrument to produce true results), sensitivity (the probability of correctly identifying a patient with the condition). Examples of validated tolls for alcohol screening are the 10 item Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT), the 3 item AUDIT-C, the ASSIST, the TWEAK, the CRAFFT, The MAST, and the G-MAST. We do not recommend the CAGE which is a validated tool but seeks to identify only those who are severely dependent. A non validated tool is one that has not undergone testing as noted above and might be a home grown tool that the hosptial has put together themselves.

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