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Question: Can I use VTE used during the Observation, given prior to hospital admission

A co worker of mine just sent a question to TJC regarding a case where the patient received Hep Sub Q in observation on 1/4 and admitted to inpatient later that day. No more Hep Sub Q was given after the patient was admitted to inpatient status. The person said we would abstract the Heparin Sub Q, since it was given on the day of admission. I have 2 Qnet questions that I sent in 2015 that say we would not abstract the VTE prophylaxis given in the obs stay. So I am trying to figure out which way I should abstract this? This appears to conflicting information. The specs have not changed related to this measure. This happens frequently, when patients are in OBS status and changed to IP on the same day. So would like clarification on how abstract. Thanks


Pam, The time of administration is not abstracted. If the patient received heparin SQ, select "1" LDUH for the data element "VTE Prophylaxis" and enter the date of administration ("VTE Prophylaxis Date"). If the date was the day of or day after hospital admission, then the case will be included in the numerator population and pass. Please refer to the STK-1 measure algorithm in the MIF to follow the flow logic. Thank you for your inquiry.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
Related documents: STK-1, VTE Prophylaxis,
Manual: Current Manual (current data collection period; prior to data transmission)

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