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Question: For Q1 2013 fVTE and Oral Factor Xa inhibitor in Stroke patients.

For Q1 2013 VTE and Oral Factor Xa inhibitor in Stroke patients. I'm trying to understand the new data element of Reason for Oral Factor Xa inhibitor and have several questions. Does the physician have to link the reason to the Factor Xa? Or if he list a reason is that sufficient. For example if a history of hip surgery is documented in the H&P could I answer yes or does the physician have to say Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor was give because the patient had a history of hip surgery and link the two? Also if Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor has recently been approved for treatment of VTE and prophylaxis of VTE, what is the rationale for needing a reason for why it was administered? Thank you


The new data element "Reason for Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor" was added to the STK-1 algorithm to ensure that only those stroke patients with an appropriate indication receive Oral Factor Xa Inhibiotr (i.e, rivaroxaban, Xarelto). The data element was patterned after CMO. Only acceptable reasons identified in the list of inclusions. No other reasons will be accepted. The list of inclusion terms for the data element is all-inclusive. Therefore, an inclusion term does not require additional documentation linking the term as the reason for Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor. No other reasons/terms will be accepted other than those listed as inclusion terms.

Treatment of VTE is a newly approved indication (11/2/2012). It will be added to the list of inclusion terms in a future version of the manual.

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