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Question: How should we abstract pharmacological VTE prophylaxis when the patient is NPO?

Patient is NPO pending a swallow study and cannot receive the ordered ASA for DVT prophylaxis, but does have IPC's in place. Is this an allowable "Reason for No VTE Prophylaxis", even when ASA can be given rectally?


If ANY prophylaxis (i.e., pharmacological OR mechanical with the exception of GCS) is administered the day of or day after hospital admission, the case will be included in the numerator for STK-1. If IPCs were applied the day of or day after hospital admission, select '3' for "VTE Prophylaxis" and enter the date of initial prophylaxis. A reason for not administering pharmacological prophylxis is not needed.

Clinical practice guidelines for the early management of adults with stroke or TIA recommend pharmacological prophylaxis for stroke patients unless contraindicated. SCD/IPC is a lesser recommendation; however, for purposes of data collection for the STK-1 measure, IPC/SCD applied the day of or after admission will pass, as well as, venous foot pumps. Only graduated compression stockings (GCS)/TEDs if the sole form of prophylaxis administered require a documented reason for not giving pharmacological forms/SCD/VFP.

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