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Question: Should 'Yes' or 'No' be selected for IV Thrombolytic Initiation?

Our hospital system has 4 hospitals in it (3 satellites and the original hospital), all with the same tax ID and each one is a certified Primary Stroke Center. In the past, if a patient was seen in the ED of one of our other facilities, received IV t-PA and was then transferred to the main hospital, it was abstracted as one episode of care and billed as such. The IV t-PA question, "IV thrombolytic was administered AT THIS HOSPITAL", was answered 'NO' since the patient received it at the satellite facility. The case was then not be part of the denominator. Is this correct?


If billed as one episode of care, consider as one hospital and select 'Yes' for IV t-PA administered at this hospital to include the case in the numerator.

If billed as two separate admissions, select 'No' for "IV Thromboytic Initiation" and 'Yes' for "Reason for Not Initiating IV Thrombolytic Therapy". The case will be excluded from the measure population.

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