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Question: Last Known Well

Q22010: Chief Complaint on ER Physician T-Sheet on Saturday 4/17/2010 states "Confused x24 hrs. No previous episodes". H/P indicates the wife went out of town Thursday(4/17/2010)and came back she noticed the patient was confused. Consult dictated on 4/18/2010 indicates the "wife returned yesterday and found the patient quite confused". What value should be selected for Last Know Well?


Select "No" for Last Known Well. It appears that there was at least 2 days when the patient's status was unknown, although the dates provided do not match-up - i.e., 4/15 was a Thursday and 4/17 a Saturday. Also, the arrival date and time was not provided.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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