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Question: How is Length of Stay (LOS) calculated for STK-1?

Patient was admitted 7/4 at 22:20. Patient was discharged 7/6 at 17:35. The patient was in-house less than 48 hours. Is this patient included or exluded from the measure population for STK-1 based on length of stay of less than two days?


The patient is included in the denominator population for STK-1. The calculation for Length Of Stay is LOS = Discharge Date - Admission Date. Time is not used in the calculation(see STK-1 algorithm in STK-1_MIF pdf). If LOS is *greater than or equal to 2 days*, then the case is included in the measure population. LOS for the above case is 2 days, so include it. VTE prophylaxis should have been administered on the Admission Date 7/4 or 7/5 the day after hospital reason, OR a reason documented for not administering prophylaxis within this timeframe.

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