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Question: Admission Date

Patient admitted as observation status on 7/2/10. On 7/5/10, physician writes to change to inpatient. 7/5/10 is also the date of discharge. The face sheet lists 7/3/10 as the date of inpatient admission. Which date should be used as the Admission Date?


For patients who are admitted to Observation status and subsequently admitted to acute inpatient care, abstract the date that the determination was made to admit to acute inpatient care and the order was written. Do not abstract the date that the patient was admitted to Observation.

From the information provided and for purposes of abstraction, the Admission Date would be 7/5/10; the date that the order was written to admit to inpatient status.

Even if the order written on 7/5/10 stated to change the patient to inpatient status as of 7/3/10, the date that the actual order was written,(i.e. 7/5/10), would be the Admission Date.

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