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This is follow up to a prior question: "What value should be selected when VTE prophylaxis is administered several days after admission? ";.

Patient received Lovenox and ASA on the day of arrival while being held for observation. Both medications were discontinued during observation due to a hematoma. The patient was admitted to the hospital 2 days after arrival. No prophylaxis was adminsitered after hospital admission. What allowable value should be selected for VTE prophylaxis?


For the case described, select 'A'=none for VTE Prophylaxis, since no prophylaxis was administered the day of or day after hospital admission. The next decision point is Reason for No VTE Prophylaxis-Hospital Admission.

Both the pharmacological and mechanical approaches must be assessed to answer 'Yes' for Reason for No VTE Prophylaxis-Hospital Admission. In addition to a reason for no pharmacological forms, (i.e., Lovenox, ASA), a reason for no mechanical forms, (IPC/SCDs, foot pump, GCS) must also be documented. If documentation of "No VTE Prophylaxis needed" is written, then it will be inferred that both mechanical and pharmacological options were not indicated for the patient.

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