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Question: Discharge Instructions for Activation of Emergency Medical System (EMS) (911)

Standard written discharge instructions sent home with every patient state to "Call 911 for an emergency". Does this verbiage meet the inclusion criteria for the stroke data element of "Education Addresses Activation of EMS"?


No. The 5 educational components of the stroke education measure complement each other in that the aim is prevention, early recognition, and treatment of stroke.

See data element definition (Alphabetical Data Element Dictionary PDF) for *Education Address Activation of Emergency Medical System*.

The data element definition clearly states that the patient should be instructed to call 911 if signs or symptoms of stroke occur. There are two allowable values for this data element:

Select "Yes" if "written instructions/ educational material given to the patient address activation of EMS if signs or symptoms of stroke occur".

Select "No" is "written instructions/ educational materials given to the patient/caregiver do not address activation of the emergency medical system (EMS) if signs or symptoms of stroke occur, OR unable to determine from medical record doucmentation.

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