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Question: What are the recommendations for VTE prophylaxis for stroke patients?

This is follow up to a prior question: "VTE Prophlyaxis - Abstracting of Allowable Values";.

Are there specific pharmacological guidelines to meet compliance for low, moderate, high risk patients? Our physician champion is working on order sets to meet compliance.


Stroke patients are considered at higher risk for developing VTE than other hospitalized medical and surgical patients. Pharmacoogical prophylaxis is recommended unless containdicated.

Harold Adams, Gregory Del Zoppo, Mark J. Alberts, Deepak L. Bhatt, et. al. American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Guidelines Update: A Scientific Statement From the Stroke Council, Guidelines for the Early Management of Adults With Ischemic Stroke: 2007, Stroke 2005;38;1689-90

Class I Recommendations: 3. Early mobilization of less severely affected patients and measures to prevent subacute complications of stroke are recommended. This recommendation is unchanged from the previous guideline. 6. Subcutaneous administration of anticoagulants is recommended for treatment of immobilized patients to prevent deep vein thrombosis. The ideal timing for starting these medications is not known. This recommendation is unchanged from the previous guideline. Class II Recommendations: Aspirin is a potential intervention to prevent deep vein thrombosis but is less effective than anticoagulants. This recommendation has been strengthened 3. The use of intermittent external compression devices is recommended for treatment of patients who cannot receive anticoagulants. This recommendation is unchanged from the previous guideline.

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