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Question: Reason for no VTE Prophylaxis - Elevated INR

Day of admission MD orders "Warfarin, Hold if INR >3". Pt's INR is 3.1 on the day of admission and the day after, so warfarin is held and documented in the MAR by the nurse. Would this be an acceptable *Reason for No VTE prophylaxis*?


When pharmacological approaches are contraindicated as in the above case, mechanical prophylaxis should be administered the day of or day after hospital admission. For the case above, select 'A' for VTE Prophylaxis and 'No' for *Reason for No VTE Prophylaxis*. Reasons should be linked with VTE Prophylaxis, e.g., "Bilateral amputee admitted with INR 3.1-No VTE Prophylaxis".

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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