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Question: Is intensive dosing of statin required to meet STK-6?

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The Measure Information Form (v 3.0)for STK-6:Discharged on Statin Medication states, "For patients with stroke of atherosclerotic origin, intensive lipid lowering therapy with statins should be initiated in those who have an LDL greater than or equal to 100 mg/dl(or with LDL < 100 mg/dl due to being on lipid lowering therapy prior to admission)". However, the flowchart for STK-6 does not mention "intensive dosing". The patient would pass even at lower levels of statin therapy on discharge.


Correct. The measure calculation flow diagram (algorithm) for STK-6: Discharged on Statin Medication dose not include dosages. If the patient is prescribed at discharge ANY statin medication listed in Appendix C, Table 8.1, select "Yes" for Statin Medication Prescribed at Discharge. The case will pass the measure, regardless of dosage.

The rationale provided on the Measure Information Form does reference intensive lipid-lowering therapy and the SPARCL study as the science supporting this measure. Intensive lipid lowering therapy is recommended; however, the Joint Commission stroke measure as currently calculated does not collect data on the dosage prescribed.

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