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Question: Data abstraction for VTE Prophylaxis when administered prior to admission

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If the patient arrived on 1/26/10, and received VTE Prophylaxis PRIOR to the admission on 1/27/10, what date should be used as the VTE Prophylaxis Date?

In this situation, one dose of SQ heparin was administered in the ED prior to admission; however, SQ heparin was not ordered on admission or any other form of VTE Prophylaxis. Should the abstractor select '1' unfractionated heparin, or 'A' for "VTE Prophylaxis"?


More than one dose/application is needed for "VTE Prophylaxis". If a dose of SQ heparin was administered/initiated in ED or prior to hospital admission, the expectation is that it would be continued upon admission, or a reason documented as to why VTE prophylaxis was not needed.

If the patient only received prophylaxis prior to admission and none was administered on the day of or day after admission, select 'A' for VTE Prophylaxis, unless documentation reflects a reason for not ordering any VTE prophylaxis following hospital admission. The VTE Prophylaxis Date is not required.

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