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Question: Retirement of STK-7 Dysphagia Screen

Why did NQF decide not to endorse the STK-7 Dysphagia Screen measure, and why is it being retired?


The STK-7 Dysphagia Screen measure allows the hospital to select its own evidenced-based screening protocol. Currently, there are several evidenced-based dysphagia screen protocols that can be used, and there is no agreement as to one, universal protocol that should be the standard for all hospitals. NQF would not endorse the dysphagia screen measure since it allows for more than one protocol (i.e.,too much variation).

All Joint Commission core measures are NQF endorsed. Stroke was made a new core measure set option for hospitals in April 2009. Since measures STK-7 and STK-9 are not endorsed by NQF, they are not included in the stroke core measure set. The Joint Commission has decided to retire both measures effective January 1, 2010. Currently, work is underway to develop a global Smoking Cessation measure to be used for all patients, regardless of disease state.

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