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Question: STK-6 "Evidence of Atherosclerosis"

Which allowable value, "Yes" or "No", should be selected for "Evidence of Atherosclerosis" when it is documented that the patient had a history of a previous stroke (no clear documentation whether it was embolic or ischemic), CVA, or TIA?


If the medical record contains documentation of **ANY** Evidence of Atherosclerosis, select "Yes". Documentation of conditions listed as inclusions, select "Yes". Documentation of an inclusion(s) and exclusion(s), also select "Yes". This data element is defined so that "Yes" will be selected more often than "No".

Past history of stroke, CVA, or TIA are not listed as inclusions; however, the inclusion list provides "other documentation indicating the presence of atherosclerosis" as the last option. In the absence of documentation that the patient does not have atherosclerosis OR documentation of only an exclusion(s) without inclusion(s), select "Yes". (Documentation of exclusion(s) only = "No").

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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