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Question: Footling breech code 652.81 as an exclusion for PC-02

If a case has the ICD-9-CM principal diagnosis code of 652.81 and the ICD-9-CM principal procedure code of 74.1, why would the case fail the measure? Aren't footling breech presentations excluded from the measure?


Code 652.81 "Other specified malposition or malpresentation" specifies compound presentation. Footling breech is included along with a number of other presentations that do not necessitate a cesarean section, i.e., hand or foot next to head which normally has a vaginal birth. Footling breeches are quite uncommon in term singletons; therefore, it was decided to not include this code in the list of exclusions since this would have risked adding a larger group to the exclusions inappropriately versus a smaller group of cases that should be included.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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