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Question: Patients with subsequent admissions to the psychiatric unit

A hospital has situations where patients will have subsequent readmissions to the psychiatric unit from the acute care setting during one hospital stay. The policy at their hospital is to give these patients a new patient ID number each time they are readmitted back to the psychiatric care setting. They do sample and are wondering what to do when only one of the patient IDs for the same patient are included in the sample. Examples:

For Patient Referral to the Next Level of Care, the patient is discharged out of the psychiatric unit to another acute area of the hospital and not to another level of care provider. When the patient is finally discharged to the next level of care provider, they will have been assigned another patient ID number.

For the Admission Screening data elements since the patients have subsequent admissions to the psych unit from the acute care setting, can they abstract allowable value of X for all data elements for admission screening since the patient receives a different patient ID each time they are readmitted to the psych unit?


Unless the hospital can link all of the patient ID numbers into one hospitalization, each ID number can be treated as a separate stay. For those cases when the charts cannot be linked together and the patient is transferred out to a med-surg floor, select allowable value 3 for Patient Referral to Next Level of Care Provider. For the final stay and discharge from the psych unit from the hospital, they must look for a referral and select the appropriate allowable value based on the findings. For admission screening, only the first stay should be abstracted for the screening questions. All other stays will be allowable value X.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical, Related Manual - Data Quality Manual
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