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Question: Appointment for Follow Up/ Release of Information

Should a appointment for follow up treatment be part of the information documented in the continuing care plan? We have patients sign a Consent for Hospital Treatment when admitted to our facility. Can we utilize this as a release of information when we transmit to the next care provider?


A referral to the next level of care provider is the only requirement for HBIPS-6 & 7. Because the hospital is not always able to schedule an appointment (e.g., patient referred to a walk-in clinic for follow-up), the requirement for an appointment is no longer required. The appointment or referral should be documented in the continuing care plan as a part of the recommendations to the next level of care. The authorization for release of information is different from the consent for treatment while hospitalized; therefore, the release must be obtained before the continuing care plan documents can be transmitted to the next level of care provider. If the patient refuses to sign the release, this is considered a valid reason for not being able to make a referral.

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