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Question: Continuing Care Plan-Discharge Medications Indications for Use

For HBIPS 6 & 7, the data element, Continuing Care Plan-Discharge Medications, states that the discharge medications, dosage and indication for use must be present. In order to answer yes, does every medication have to include documentation of the indication for use?


Yes, in order to select 'yes', all medications ordered at the time of discharge must have dosages and indications for use included in the continuing care plan (CCP). The HBIPS Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)confirmed the intent of the measure to include all medications, not just psychiatric medications. In addition, the Standards Interpretation Group (SIG) reviewed a related issue of some psychiatrists stating they did not originally prescribe the non-psych medications and therefore were not sure of the indication for use. SIG stated according to Medication Management Standard 3.10, all medications prescribed must have a diagnosis or indication for use included in the medical record. As a result, this information should be readily available in the medical record at the time of discharge. The psychiatrist does not need to complete the CCP. The discharge nurse can fill-out the indications for use in the CCP based on the information that should be present in the medical record.

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