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Question: PSC CSTK 01 population

We were recently told by a vendor that the NIHSS date/time would be abstracted for only those cases contained in CSC Sub population 2 (Ischemic with reperfusion for the PSCs.

I was under the assumption that the population included in CSTK 01 and abstracted for the PSCs would be from both of the ischemic sub populations (ischemics with or without reperfusion).

As there isn't any definitive instructions for PSC CSTK 01 we assumed that the CSC guidelines/population would be the same for that measure.


CSTK-01 has been added to the performance measure requirements for primary stroke centers; however, there is only one CSTK-01 measure. The same measure (MIF, data elements, all measure specifications used by CSCs collecting CSTK-01 data are to be used by PSCs. Specifications are detailed in the CSTK measure set section of the specifications manual. There are no special instructions for PSCs.

The CSTK-01 denominator includes ALL ischemic stroke patients (CSTK sub-population 1 and CSTK sub-population 2). If sampling is used, apply the CSTK sampling methodology. The minimum sample size must be met for both sub-populations. If the number of discharges is fewer cases for either sub-population, then 100% record review is required for the sub-population.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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Manual: Current Manual (current data collection period; prior to data transmission)

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