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Question: What constitutes a failed thrombectomy

We have cases where the thrombectomy is attempted with partial reperfusion, e.g. TICI 2a. The physician may document a technical success but with persistent occlusion.

Are we to consider any TICI score below 2b as a failed thrombectomy?

Or must there be written documentation by an LIP that the procedure was a fail or unsuccessful? i.e.,in cases where there is a procedure code for the MER.


If the case has an ICD-10-PCS Code on Table 8.1b MER, then select "NO" for "Failed Attempt at Thrombectomy" and collect the TICI grade documented.

A failed attempt is a case that was started (groin puncture) and intended for purposes of removal of cerebral occlusion; however, the case was stopped before extirpation was attained, e.g., tortuous vasculature, etc. In such cases there may (or may not) be a ICD-10-PCS Code on Table 8.1c Thrombectomy Root Procedures. Bottom line is that the clot was not removed (no extirpation); therefore, no reperfusion (TICI 0 if documented). Other documentation in the record should be used to support that the extirpation procedure was unsuccessful.

The abstraction for "Failed Attempt at Thrombectomy" is similar to "Elective Carotid Intervention". The code along does not meet the data collection question. Allowable values are Yes/No. Other documentation in the medical record must be used to determine that the procedure failed.

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Related documents: CSTK-11,
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