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Question: NIHSS versus mNIHSS

Though the specifications do not address inclusions or exclusions with regards to which type of scoring method is used for NIHSS, would it not suffice to say that in determining whether or not there was a drop in the score pre/post procedure, that they'd need to be the same to ensure an accurate representation of the patient's deterioration?


NIHSS is the scoring methodology to be used. Modified NIHSS is a different scoring methodology. The data element specifies "NIHSS". Other scoring methodologies including mNIHSS are not acceptable. The data element "Initial NIHSS Score Performed" lists modified NIHSS scores, estimated NIHSS scores, and other scoring methodologies as exclusions. We will add to the other NIHSS data elements for clarification.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
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