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Question: Clarification of data elements needed

While each of these data elements ("First Pass Time" [CSTK-07] and "IA t-PA or MER Initiation Time" [CSTK-05]), pertain to different CSTK metrics, it does seem that the definition of each both refer to the device deployment or first pass time. For IA T-PA or MER Initiation Time, "Notes for Abstraction" state not to use "procedure start time or groin puncture time". Would that instruction not also apply to capture of the "first pass time" data element for CSTK 7 even though it is not listed as an abstraction note?


Correct. That instruction would also apply to the data element "First Pass Time" collected for CSTK-07. Do not use procedure start time or groin puncture time for first pass time.

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Focus area(s): Chart Abstracted Measure Specifications – Clinical
Related documents: CSTK-05b, CSTK-07, First Pass Time, IA t-PA or MER Initiation Time, , Appendix: Code tables

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