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Question: Sampling Requirements for CSTK

For the CSTK measures, there are 3 distinct sub-populations. Sub-population 1 and sub-population 3 match the current populations used for the Core Measure Stroke data. Do the CSTK populations need to be sampled independently of the Core Measure Stroke (STK data, or can we use the same patients for both measure sets as long as we still meet the minimum sample requirements?)


The sampling methodology is different for CSTK because the denominator population for individual measures in the set focuses on specific groups of stroke patients. However, it is possible to use the same patients sampled for stroke (STK core in the CSTK sample selection as long as you meet the required minimum sample number ā€˜nā€™ for each of the three CSTK sub-populations: ischemic stroke w/o procedure, ischemic stroke with procedures, hemorrhagic stroke.

Sampling for CSTK will only benefit those HCOs with a large volume of hemorrhagic cases or large number of ischemic strokes who receive reperfusion therapies. Many HCOs may not meet the minimum required sample size for CSTK sub-population 2 and CSTK sub-population 3 and will need 100% review of cases in these two groups. Please NOTE, the HCO needs to sample both CSTK sub-population 1 and CSTK sub-population 2 to meet the minimum requirement for the measure CSTK-01 NIHSS Score Performed for Ischemic Stroke Patients. )

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