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Question: Number of cases needed for submission

1) What is the minimum number of cases to be submitted for each measure?

For BM-04, does it matter whether they are 04a or 04b, or do we need minimum 10 each on both 04a and 04b (total of 20)?

What is the minimum number of cases needed for BM-06 and BM-7? Do we need 10 cases per each type of surgery: 10 for cardiac, 10 for hysterectomy and 10 for orthopedic or is it 10 cases total of any of these 3 types of surgeries?


1. Determine the number of July 2009 discharges over 4 monhts of age that received red blood cells. Then, take a random sample of 10 patients. Next, do the same for platelets and plasma. You can use these patients for BM-1 and BM-5.

Please abstract 10 cases for 4a and 10 cases for 4b, if possible.

For BM-6 and BM-7 (same population for both measures), abstract 10 for each category (ortho, cardiac or hysterectomy) so it would be 30 cases for two measures if you can.

We appreciate as many cases as you are able to abstract, and understand if you need to send less than the minimal amount.

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