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Question: Functional Status at Discharge

If the MD following up with the patient has access to our inpatient EMR and the patient is evaluated by physical therapy, would I say Yes or No to Care Transition Record Function Status at Discharge? The NYHA class is not formally documented but you can interpret the functional status at discharge of the patient. Thank you.


Select 'NO'. The numerator is: Patients for whom a NYHA Class OR completion of a valid, reliable disease-specific instrument was documented at the time of the initial outpatient visit. As currently specified, the measure is looking for the physician to document the NYHA classification OR if one of the specified DSC instruments were done, e.g., MLHF, KCCQ, etc.)then you may select "Yes". It was not intended to have the NYHA classification interpreted by others than the physician. this is something that would need to be discussed with our physician Technical Advisory Panel. Good questions.

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