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Question: Support System

Can you explain what the following means "Social support system includes the patient's perception of support received from a spouse or caregiver"?


The social support system is defined as the patient’s living situation post-discharge from the hospital and includes the spouse, other familiy members or friends involve in the patient’s medical and self-care decisions. The social support system includes the patient’s perception of support received from a spouse or caregiver.

Documentation that the patient states they are married but spouse doesn't live with them or they feel that the spouse or other family, etc. cannot/will not help them cope with their condition are possible examples. We are not looking for specific verbage her, just any documentation which indicates that the patient feels their spouse/family/social network available to them is not or will not be supportive OR is vey involved and supportive will suffice the intent, OR documentation that staff did attempt to find out what social support will be available to the patient after discharge.

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