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Question: Can a case be eligible for VTE and HBIPS at the same time.

Is it possible for a case to be eligible for both HBIPS and VTE. For example the hospital has both measure sets turned on. The case is eligible for HBIPS and the patient is on a designated unit for psychiatric care. Does the client also need to collect VTE data for this case?


Although it is true that a Psych Unit primarily handles medically stable patients, it is possible that a patient could develop VTE while within the unit or be transferred to the unit once they are medically cleared (from VTE). A patient that develops VTE while in the Psych Unit and transferred to a med/surg unit, would still be eligible for the HBIPS-1, 2, and 3 measures. A patient that is medically cleared and then transferred into the Psych Unit would be in all the HBIPS measures and the appropriate VTE measures.

Determining if a patient is in both measure sets is best accomplished by reviewing HBIPS discharge patients for their inclusion into VTE, since this can be done programmatically.

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