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Question: DR 5 Code

In reviewing our daily OWL reports for Q4-08, i noticed that a couple of the DR 5 codes were displayed. We have contacted the hospitals in question and they are not able to verify the data element(s) needed for the measures, therefore they indicated it as UTD value.

If we have verified this information with the hospital, is there anything else we need to do to ensure we meet TJC vendor requirements. I am concerned because I did not see the congratulations message when all data was submitted. Please let me know if anything additional needs to be done.


When you submit a DR=5 for a measure it will remain on the Daily OWL report. The reason for this is to remind vendors to follow up with health care organizations to obtain the correct data. If you are able to obtain the data, the expectation is that it is retransmitted. We do understand that the data cannot always be obtained from the health care organization. If this is the case then we ask that they work on improving their processes so they are able to provide complete data to the vendors. Since, you have already followed up with them then nothing else is expected of you.

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Focus area(s): Data Quality, ORYX Work Lists (OWLs)

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