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Question: Transmission of PaS file with Retransmissions X12 file

With the retransmissions X12 file, we are required to transmit the PaS file in certain situations. If I transmit a PaS file with every Retransmission X12 file, will this cause a problem with my transmission?


You do not need to retransmit a PaS file every time you retransmit a X12 file.

If the statistical data changed, including the DR Code and counts of # of Rejected Cases, then resubmit the X12 file.

*If the population and/or sample counts changed, then resubmit the PaS file.

If you need to retransmit because you determined you provided an incorrect DR Code (say DR3 instead of DR2), the statistical calculations were in error, or got incorrect category assignments from the algorithms, then resubmit the X12 file.

*If the hospital found a chart in the corner of the room that should have been included in the population count, then resubmit the Pas File.

If this “found” chart changes the sampling requirements and the hospital needs to sample another chart, then the PaS file would need to be retransmitted. The X12 file might also need to be retransmitted depending on how the case processes through the algorithms. If it receives all Category Bs, then the X12 file will most likely not need to be retransmitted.

If you are not sure if a retransmission is needed please contact our statistical team to help determine if the change is statistically significant.

Octavia Hughes

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